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Welcome to SC Longhorns! The "SC" is for Spring Creek where we reside.   We are located at the base of the Ruby Mountains in Spring Creek, Nevada, 15 miles southeast of Elko, Nevada.  

Our goal is to produce top quality longhorns that have  horn length (total and TTT), great dispositions, and gorgeous color. Breeders often focus on tip-to-tip (TTT) horn length, while we know we have a few outstanding producers who have larger total horn numbers than TTT. J.R. Bobbi (J.R. Rebel x J.R. Bailey) is an example of a cow that has amazing total horn. She is the dam of J.R. Bonanza (KC Just Respect x J.R. Bobbi) and our own J.R. Bonni, who we have had since she was a calf. We are excited about the cattle we have chosen to begin our breeding program due to  their genetics and hope to improve as time passes by visiting successful ranches, traveling to different sales, and by meeting some of the amazing people who make this breed great.

We here at SC Longhorns also offer lean ground beef. Please call for pricing and availability.

The 2016 breeding season we will be using Hubbel's Captain Hook, along with our first year of AI'ing.  We would like to thank Tony Mangold and Alex Dee's for the opportunity to use this fine herd sire.   

Due to the limited amount of Texas Longhorn breeders in Nevada, we will be looking into maintaining relationships in Utah, Colorado, and Texas while also gaining new acquaintances in other states as well. On that note, please do not hesitate to ask any questions, offer any suggestions, or just say, "Hi".

Feel free to reach me at the number below if you have any questions.

  Clay -  775-934-2960